Our Vessel " Stefanie" goes 365 Days in the year

The "Stefanie" drives daily between Hallstatt market and the railway station and to the East-shore - footpath.
Particularly for cyclists, it is an unique experience to come per ship to the end of our trip!

Ship "Stefanie" to the railway station Hallstatt
valid 2018 - 2019/20

The ship Stefanie goes all over the year,from city center to the trainstation-
365 day!!!!!!!

To the East-shore-footpath and to the suspension bridge over the deepest place of the lake

Download timetable here.

1) from Monday between saturday
2) daily from 1.5. between 26.10., after it 1)
3) train only to Obertraun

1) on Weekdays
2) daily from 1.5. until 26.10., after it 1)
3) train only to Obertraun
Roundtrip South: Beginn end of may 2019 - first week in Oktober 2019
MFGS Hallstatt
img/Fahrplan3 Hallstatt.jpg
1) Only July and August


Roundtrip North: From 9. July 2019 - End of August 2019
FSG Goisern

img/Fahrplan2 Goisern.jpg
Sorry, we can not transported Bikes on this ship!
For Hiker
You can go from middle of July - end of August 2019

from Obertraun                                          at 13:30 and 15:30,
from der Railwaystation Hallstatt           at 10:45, 13:45 and 15:45
back to Obersee, Untersee und Steeg with the ship.


The departure-times can be altered with delay of the trains.
Traffic-limitations are publicized at the piers.
Special-trips are outside the timetable possible.