For each wish, we have the correct offer

The "Stefanie" drives allways, 365 days a year, between Hallstatt market and the railway station and at the East-shore wheel-footpath. Particularly for cyclists, it is an unique experience to reach the goal per ship!
Events with Cateringservice!

Romantic weddings at the lake - the registrar comes on the ship!

Candle-Light-Tour (evening-round-trips) Juli and August - every thursday!

Panorama-round-trips in the world-heritage-region
Special-ships to the procession corpus christi
Connection-trips to the hikes
Kombiticket: Round-trips around the  lake
Boat-distribution (E-Boot, pedalboats and rowingboats)
Special-trips - charters (all-year)

Ticket for 1 Day
You can go with all our ships for one day for € 22,-
You can make roundtrips, or you go one way and walk back to other station, or ...
Stay for the day with us on the hallstätterlake.
Ask at the cash register, they are informed you.
Marry on the ship " Goisern II"
2. Wedding-hall of Bad Goisern
The most beautiful day in a woman's life
The most beautiful day in a woman's life
Since ever ago, a wedding with a shipping was connected, as transportation-possibility of or to the church as well as.
 Registry office - Wedding-Hall from Bad Goisern or Hallstatt
The community Bad Goisern make the FGS GOISERN II as official registry office. The registrar comes on the ship where the official wedding (in the community-area Bad Goisern) is performed.
St. Klaus on Board
Sunshine for St. Klaus 2008
St. Klaus on Board
Sunshine for St. Klaus 2008
Special-ships to the sea-procession to corpus christi
Since 1623, the corpus christi - procession is celebrated on the Hallstättersee.
Special-ships with flowers run from Hallstatt market and Lahn with the ceremony on the lake .
10:00 Departure of the ships

9:00 a.m. beginning at the kath. church

10:00 a.m.    departure of the ships of the
Busterminal in Hallstatt Lahn and directly in the center of Hallstatt, behind the evang. Church.

Please, group-travel must be make a reservation!
For singles-travelers we make no reservation, the tickets for the ships can you by at the cash registers on the celebration day at 9:00 o'clock!

Price per Pers. € 24,-
Children of 4-13 years € 15,-
procession of the lake about. 1,5 h. and only by fair-weather!

You can also rent  a small electro-boat or rowing-boat or pedal-boat with flowers.