Prices 2019 for the regular shipcruises with a timetable, not prices for chartercruises
(inkl. 10 % MwSt.)
To the railwaystation Hallstatt
Hallstatt Markt - Trainstation EUR 3,-
Roundtrip South ( End of mai to beginn of october): Hallstatt Markt - Hallstatt Lahn - Obertraun - Hallstatt Markt
Roundtrip   EUR 12,-
Hallstatt - Obertraun EUR 8,-
Roundtrip North (8.7.19-1.9.19): Hallstatt Lahn - Hallstatt Markt - Obersee - Untersee - Steeg u. z.
Roundtrip  EUR 15,-
Hallstatt - Obersee EUR 8,-
Hallstatt Markt - Untersee EUR 9,-
Hallstatt Markt - Steeg EUR 9,-
1 Day Ticket for all lines , for all ships EUR 22,00
Bicycle from EUR 2,70 -  EUR 5,50
Fare reduction
(regular traffic )
Children under 4 years
If they don't claim any own seat, however only a child per person, become free.

children from 4-13 years
Become a reduction.
The reduction is only given if the children drive (family-reduction) in company of the parents

Group travel
from 20 paying people on inquiry.
The tickets are valid only on the solution-day and are to be stored during the entire trip and to hand over personally after completion of the trip. For the punctual pausing of the timetable or for the consequences of the Nichtanlegens at a station or a possible driving-cancellation is not been liable. A reduced fare is applicable to big pastries like bicycles, strollers as well as dogs. With cancellation of ships, no claim on compensation is entitled the traveling one. Alterations of the fare anytime reservations. Possible alterations become through notice as well as. Announced alterations this Web-page. An assurance daüfur, that the ships recorded in the fare run and an assurance is not-achieved for the transportation with connection-omission or cancellation of courses.