The region around the Hallstättersee is an Eldorado for hiking-walking-cycle........  
The best of it is: you can connect track and ship.
When the way is to long for you, you can take the ship back to Hallstatt.
This is the best for your traveling-day.
The East-shore-footpath is from Obertraun between Steeg.
Very well and traffic-free!
Along these routes, there are restaurants in:
GH Seerauz'n (  in Obersee  with a pier from our ship,
as well as in Obertraun.
Who one begins and one goes like wide, you can make this individually.

Walking tour with 3 hours:
With the ship to Steeg - over the Steegbridge - Seeau - Untersee - Obersee -
Trainstation Hallstatt - then to Obertraun and back with the ship.

Walkingtour about 45 min. (one way) - over the deepest point of the lake:
From the trainstation Hallstatt you can go to Obersee, it is 45 min. to walk. In Obersee you can something to eat and then you can walk back or you go by ship back to Hallstatt in the summermonth.
Have a look to the restraurant in Obersee at, a nice small restaurant on the hallstattlake.

Obertaun - Bst. Hallstatt                          3,5 km
Bst. Hallstatt - Obersee                            4,5 km
Obersee - Untersee                                  3,5 km
Untersee - Steeg                                      3,5 km

At the west-shore, some meters above the regional-street
shady in the forest and along the brine-management of the mining Hallstatt, this way is also beautiful.
Beginning is in Hallstatt, behind the kath. Church, you can walk 2 hours to your ship station in steeg.

Our tip:
Park the car at the parking place directly near the ship-station Steeg, from there hiking you the brine-management-way to Hallstatt.
Then you can return with the ship to your car.

Suspension bridge– Deepest Point of the Lake
Our fessel "stefanie" bring you allover the year at the other lakeside, to the eastside of the lake.
5 min. to walk and you come  to the romantic defense-ditch-canyon .
You can walk over the Bridge, over the deepest point of the Hallstätterlake with 125m.
You can go with babies or old peoples, this excursion is for 0-99 years.

As Highlight, the track still drives past and gets the impression through it, as you stand in the middle of a model-railroad-installation.
Suspension Bridge
Suspension bridge - over the deepest point of the lake
Suspension bridge - over the deepest point of the lake
A beautiful view from the other side of the lake to Hallstatt. You can walk over the deepest point of the Hallstätterlake.